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For outgoing lawmakers, connections mean chance to cash in

Politics - Brian Montopoli - Dec 26, 2012

The revolving door keeps moving as lawmakers and staffers leverage their influence for lucrative private sector jobs

"Face the Nation" transcripts, September 30, 2012: Gov. Christie, Newt Gingrich

Face The Nation - CBSNews (Hidden Byline) - Sep 30, 2012

CBS News' Bob Schieffer hosts the hour-long program on the latest political news

Mitt Romney's road to the Republican nomination

Politics - Lindsey Boerma - Aug 26, 2012

A look at Romney's road to the nomination from the announcement of his exploratory committee in April 2011 to his upcoming acceptance speech

Ryan to meet with Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas

Political Hotsheet - Rebecca Kaplan - Aug 14, 2012

Vice presidential candidate seeks to focus on energy, Medicare

Romney seeks the limelight on bus tour

Political Hotsheet - Stephanie Condon - Aug 9, 2012

Bus tour gives GOP candidate a way to save cash on the campaign trail and keep eyes on him

"Face the Nation" transcript May 6: Gingrich, Bachmann, Schumer, Dean

Face The Nation - CBSNews (Hidden Byline) - May 6, 2012

"Face the Nation" on May 6, 2012, hosted by CBS News chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer.

Romney: "A better America begins tonight"

Political Hotsheet - Sarah Huisenga - Apr 24, 2012

Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney returned to New Hampshire to spell out the themes of his upcoming fight with President Obama

Obama, Romney in dead heat, CBS News/New York Times poll finds

Political Hotsheet - Alex Sundby - Apr 18, 2012

CBS News/New York Times poll finds president, presumptive GOP nominee tied as race shifts from primaries to general election

Transcript: Face to Face with Bill Burton

Face The Nation - CBSNews - Apr 4, 2012

Full transcript of the April 5th edition of Face to Face with Priorities USA Senior Strategist Bill Burton

Gingrich to voters: Help me out on Facebook

Political Hotsheet - Lindsey Boerma - Apr 2, 2012

Candidate asks supporters to put his gas-price promise on their pages

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