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Star Apps: 'Rosewater'

CNET News - Nov 14, 2014

Jon Stewart brings Maziar Bahari's harrowing, true-life prison story to the big screen.

Syria's Internet goes dark for several hours

CNET News - Mar 20, 2014

In a he-said she-said scenario, it's unclear who or what is responsible for the sustained blackout.

In Syria, a detained Internet activist remains in limbo

CNET News - Mar 11, 2014

Two years ago this week, authorities arrested a computer programmer, Bassel Khartabil, involved in protests against the Syrian government. There's still no word on when he'll be released.

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Forbes, steals user data

CNET News - Feb 14, 2014

The hacking group says it attacked Forbes because the publication's "hate for Syria is very clear and flagrant in their articles."

Mozilla gets into content creation with Voices

CNET News - Feb 11, 2014

As part of Mozilla's diversification initiative, the maker of Firefox is looking to make news -- from the other side of the camera.

Ep. 1414: Where a podcast is just a story we tell ourselves

CNET News - Jan 27, 2014

Google adds artificial intelligence to their equation of total world domination, how to survive the Netflix winter blues, the best of eSports competition freak-outs, and the 1% can now bid on the original Velociraptor cage from "Jurassic Park."

Russia linked to cyber espionage across Asia, Europe, US

CNET News - Jan 22, 2014

The country allegedly hacked into corporate networks around the world to try to gain an upperhand in the economic sphere.

How Israel and Hamas weaponized social media

CNET News - Jan 13, 2014

More militaries and armed groups are using social media as a weapon of war -- but when ground skirmishes are mirrored by cyber-social battles, managing the message can get messy.

Make sure your donation gets to the people who need it

CNET News - Dec 20, 2013

Whether we're responding to a disaster or helping to prevent one, our generosity comes from our hearts, but ensuring that our gifts have the maximum impact possible requires using our heads.

12/17: NASA orders spacewalks to fix Space Station; Lotto players come out in droves for Mega Millions jackpot

CBS Evening News Full Episodes - 7840 - Dec 17, 2013

NASA says it will take a series of spacewalks to fix a broken cooling line that shut down half of the International Space Stations cooling system last week; and, with the latest Mega Millions jackpot soaring to over $600 million, Americans everywhere are catching lotto fever. Paula Otto, the lead director for Mega Millions, says that just a few...

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