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Top: Computers: Hardware: Standards; Agreed principles of protocol. Standards are set by committees working under various trade and international organizations. ECP.

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Top » Computers » Hardware » Standards: Links (1 - 3 of 3) American National Standards Institute: ANSI serves as administrator and coordinator of the United States ...

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Top: Computers: Hardware: Standards: ECP; Extended Capabilities (Parallel) Port An upgrade to the original parallel port on a PC, which gives you: ...

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Top: Computers: Hardware: Standards. SCSI@ PCMCIA; ISO 9000@ EISA; EIDE; ESDI; SSA; SSA; VESA; EPP; TWAIN; ECP; IEEE; ISA; See Also: Top/Science/Reference/Standards ...

Sdieee.org San Diego Section - The Institute of Electrica ...


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Standards/TWAIN - Top/Computers/Hardware/Standards/TWAIN. Dmoz Description: A not-for-profit organization which represents the imaging industry.

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VESA Standards Hardware: VESA was established in 1989 to set and support industry-wide interface standards designed for the PC, workstation, and other computing ...

Chemdata.nist.gov Mass Spectrometry Data Center, NIST ...


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