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What Is a Tsunami?

What is a tsunami? A tsunami is a series of waves caused by earthquakes or undersea volcanic eruptions

NOAA Education Resources: Tsunami Collection

Education resources for teaching about tsunami waves and tsunami safety.

Tsunami - HyperPhysics

Tsunami. Tsunami is the name given to the very long waves on the ocean generated by earthquakes or other events which suddenly displace a large volume of water.

The Deadliest Tsunami in History? - National Geographic News

The earthquake that generated the great Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 is estimated to have released the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. Find out what ...

CDC - BAM, Your Safety, Tsunami

TSUNAMI. Here at home, most Americans were nearing the end of their holiday celebrations and getting ready to welcome in the new year of 2005.

California Seismic Safety Commission

SEISMIC SAFETY COMMISSION 1755 Creekside Oaks Drive, Suite 100, Sacramento, California 95833-3637 (916) 263-5506 Email: info@stateseismic ...

Tsunami Maps and Information « ABAG Resilience Program

Tsunami Maps and Information. Tsunami wave generation Source: California Seismic Safety Commission. What is a tsunami?

Pacific Tsunami Museum | Science | What Causes a Tsunami?

Science What Causes a Tsunami? Tsunamis are caused by violent seafloor movement associated with earthquakes, landslides, lava entering the sea, seamount collapse, or ...

National Weather Service New York, NY Tsunami Page

National Weather Service New York, NY 175 Brookhaven Avenue Upton, NY 11973 631-924-0517 Comments? Questions? Please Contact Us. Disclaimer Information Quality Help

Pacific Tsunami Museum | Science | What is a Tsunami?

Science What is a Tsunami? A tsunami is a vast volume of seawater in motion, extending from the surface to the ocean floor. It is a series of long-period waves ...