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1793 was a common year starting on Tuesday (dominical letter F) of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Saturday (dominical letter B) of the Julian ...

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First Coalition. The First Coalition (1793–1797) was the first major concerted effort of multiple European powers to contain Revolutionary France.

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1793 in history - brainyhistory ... January 9: 1st hot-air balloon flight in the U.S. lifts off in Philadelphia

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During the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia, 5,000 or more people were listed in the official register of deaths between August 1 and November 9.

The Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia, 1793

Yellow fever is known for bringing on a characteristic yellow tinge to the eyes and skin, and for the terrible “black vomit” caused by bleeding into the stomach.

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French Revolutionary Wars; The Battle of Valmy (20 September 1792). Date: 20 April 1792 – 25 March 1802 (9 years, 11 months, and 5 days) Location

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1793 wis a common year stairtin on Tysday o the Gregorian calendar (dominical letter F), the 1793rd year o the Common Era (CE) an Anno Domini (AD) designations, the ...

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On this day in History, Yellow fever breaks out in Philadelphia on Oct 11, 1793. Learn more about what happened today on History.

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Events. January 2 – Russia and Prussia divide Poland; January 9 – Jean-Pierre Blanchard becomes the first to fly in a balloon in the United States. January 21 ...