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The 19th century BC was the century which lasted from 1900 BC to 1801 BC.

World History 2000-1750 BC

World History 2000-1750 BC . Third Dynasty Of ... 1900 BC Cotton Used For The First Time - Beginning around 1900 BC the Harappans became the first to grow and wove ...

1900 BC - 1600 BC - Amorite / Old Babylon

This period, particularly during the reign of Hammurabi (1792 1750 B.C.) is regarded as one of the highlights of ancient civilization. The collection of laws ...

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Chocolate most commonly comes in dark, milk, and white varieties, with cocoa solids contributing to the brown color.

2000 - 1900 BC -

2000 - 1900 BC, the Middle East. The ancient world in 2000 BC basked in the calm before the storm. Egypt, where the pyramids were already five centuries old, was ...

20th Century BC - Bible History Online

2000 - 1900 BC. Bible History Online Timeline of Events from the 22nd Century BC to 100 AD with a Focus on World Empires.

Ancient Egypt Alabaster Unguent Pot, c. 1900 BC

An ancient Egypt Alabaster Unguent Pot, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, c. 1900 BC., possibly a tomb model.(FARO8201)Low Estimate: 200High Estimate: 300Measurements: 1.5 ...

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2000 - 1900 BC -

2000 - 1900 BC, the Holy Land. Abraham and his household moved into Canaan and even briefly entered Egypt, whose borders were expanding northward again by mid-century.

Prehistoric Stone Age Neolithic Boat Axe - 1900 BC ...

An exceptional Nordic boat axe, dating to approximately 1900 BC. One of the most iconic objects of the Neolithic age, with an outstanding provenance.