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The 1st century BC, also known as the last century BC, started on the first day of 100 BC and ended on the last day of 1 BC. The AD/BC notation does not use a year ...

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The Essenes, a Jewish sect, withdraw from secular life to form monastic communities in the desert

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Early 1st century – Augustus of Primaporta, (perhaps a copy of a bronze statue of ca. 20 BC), is made. It is now kept in Musei Vaticani, Braccio Nuovo, Rome.

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From Emperor Wu in 91 to Augustus Caesar's morality legislation in 1 BCE, plus Julius Caesar, Spartacus, Maccabees and more. One paragraph for each of 30 items.

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Roman Timeline 1st Century BC. Year. Event. 98 BC. Revolt in Lusitania, Hispania. 97 BC: Q. Caecilius Metellus Nepos conquers the island of Crete: 96 BC: The last ...


The Importance of Dates . In history, we use dates to help us find cause-and-effect relationships between human actions. In brief, later actions cannot influence ...

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RBSC Manuscripts Division News News and updates about collections, discoveries, acquisitions, exhibitions, public programs, and other activities of the Manuscripts ...

World History Timeline: 1st Century (1 to 100)

Events across the world during the years 1 to 100 of the Common Era (CD, also known as Anno Domini or AD). One paragraph for each of 31 items.

(Description) Figure 1 Brutus coin celebrating the Ides of ...

This is a colour image of one side of a coin shown against a white background. The reverse shows two daggers. The one on the left has three globes on the pommel.

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Timeline: 1st century CE. Years: c. 10 BCE - c. 100: Subject: History, Early history (500 CE to 1500) ... 1st century BCE; Science; Asia; West Asia; Palestine and ...