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The AMX-10RC is a light reconnaissance vehicle built by GIAT. Over 300 are in service in the French Army. In addition, 108 vehicles were sold to Morocco and 12 to Qatar.

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The AMX-10 RC tank destroyer is no longer produced. Over 300 of these vehicles are in service with France.

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The AMX-10 RC, is an armoured tank hunter and reconnaissance vehicle which is still in use amongst the French Forces. Amphibious, it is used for reconnaissance in ...

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AMX 10 RC The AMX 10 RC is a strongly armed amphibian reconnaissance vehicle, endowed with very good mobility on road and any path, protected against light weapons of ...

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AMX-10 RC: Wheeled (6x6) reconnaissance vehicle with 105mm gun; Operators. Map of AMX-10P operators in blue, with former operators in red.

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The AMX-10RC is a wheeled recon vehicle and tank destroyer built by GIAT. Over 300 are in...

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The AMX-10 RC is capable of delivering great damage, but has a slow firing rate and medium armor. It's better to move these vehicles in a platoon or with an infantry ...

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AMX 10RC Wheeled Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle, France. ... The upgraded vehicle deployed in the French service is known as AMX 10 RC rénové. Related Suppliers.

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Design and characteristics Edit. Initial work on the AMX-10RC began in 1970; production began in 1976, and the first production vehicle was delivered in 1981 to the ...