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The Alemanni (also Alamanni; [1] Suebi "Swabians" [2]) were a confederation of Germanic tribes on the upper Rhine river. First mentioned by Cassius Dio in the context ...

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Alamannia or Alemannia was the territory inhabited by the Germanic Alemanni after they broke through the Roman limes in 213. The Alemanni expanded from the Main basin ...

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Origins - Raids Against the Empire - Subjugation by the Franks. Origins. The first documented reference to the Alamanni occurs in AD 213, when the Emperor Caracalla ...

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Alemanni, also spelled Alamanni, or Alamani, a Germanic people first mentioned in connection with the Roman attack on them in ad 213. In the following decades, their ...

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He completely overthrew the Alamanni in the great battle of Strassburg (August 357).

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The Alamanni, Allemanni, or Alemanni were originally an alliance of Germanic tribes located around the upper Rhine river (Germany). One of the earliest references to ...

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The River Main area of Western Germany became the new homeland of the Alemanni following their migration from the Baltic Sea region

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Alemanni , Germanic tribe, a splinter group of the Suebi . The Alemanni may have been a confederation of smaller tribes. First mentioned as

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The Alamanni, Allemanni, or Alemanni were a band of west Germanic tribes. They lived around the upper Main, which is the longest tributary of the Rhine.

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The Alemanni were all condemned criminals, who were allowed no armor, and only blunt swords wherewith to defend themselves.