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In computer graphics, alpha compositing is the process of combining an image with a background to create the appearance of partial or full transparency.

What is Alpha Channel? Webopedia

In graphics, a portion of each pixel's data that is reserved for transparency information. 32-bit graphics systems contain four channels-- three 8-bit channels for ...

Alpha Channel - Graphics Software Glossary

Definition: An alpha channel is a special type of channel used in graphics software for saving selections. Most bitmap editing software allows you to save multiple ...

Create a Transparent Image with Alpha Channel - Tutorial

Tutorial - How to create a Transparent Image with Alpha Channel using Adobe Photoshop

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The alpha channel is a color component that represents the degree of transparency (or opacity) of a color (i.e., the red, green and blue channels).

Photoshop Help | Alpha channels

This movie shows you how to convert a mask to an alpha channel. This enables you to embed transparency within an image so that it can be read by other applications.

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Alpha Channel A drip-feed of animation goodness, brought to you by Animade. Everything Lucky Dip Submit About. Everything Lucky Dip Submit About. Sign up to the ...

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Lo Studio Alpha Channel opera nel settore della consulenza e della comunicazione multimediale, ideando e realizzando prodotti qualitativamente innovativi attraverso l ...


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PNG Specification: Data Representation

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Specification ... If no alpha channel nor tRNS chunk is present, all pixels in the image are to be treated as fully opaque.