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The American Locomotive Company, often shortened to ALCO, ALCo or Alco, designed, built and sold steam locomotives, diesel-electric locomotives, diesel engines and ...

The American Locomotive Company, "Alco"

The American Locomotive Company, also known as Alco, was a legendary builder of steam and diesel locomotives for nearly 69 years.

American Locomotive Company (ALCO) Records An inventory of ...

Biographical History. The American Locomotive Company was incorporated in 1901 by merging 7 small locomotive companies with the Schenectady Locomotive ...

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Building a more robust financial roadbed before reopening the Museum. The museum will be closed until further notice to allow for a transformation.

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The home to first generation locomotives photos, data and history, and central location for over 475 current locomotive rosters.

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Alco-GE was a partnership between the American Locomotive Company and General Electric that lasted from 1940 to 1953. Their main competitor was EMD.

A vacant field of dreams: - Railfan & Railroad Magazine

The once proud and powerful Schenectady, New York, plant of American Locomotive Company ("Alco") has been reduced to rubble in this early July 2011 view from along ...

Growing With Schenectady - American Locomotive Company

Growing With Schenectady - American Locomotive Company The story of a century of locomotive building in Schenectady [This booklet commemorating the 1948 centennial of ...

ALCO Historic Photos

ALCO Historic Photos PO Box 655 ... Included in those numbers are images and paper from the companies that merged to form the American Locomotive Company in 1901.

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The Schenectady Electrical Handbook is a guide to Schenectady industries at the ... Home » Resources » Schenectady Electrical Handbook » American Locomotive Company