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Lower amines are named with the suffix -amine. methylamine. Higher amines have the prefix amino as a functional group. IUPAC however does not recommend this ...

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Then squeezing the hand of amine, which he had not released, Schriften hastened out of the cabin.

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Amine, N1 N-dimethylaniline Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. any member of a family of nitrogen-containing organic compounds that is derived, either in principle or in ...

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What are amines? The easiest way to think of amines is as near relatives of ammonia, NH 3. In amines, the hydrogen atoms in the ammonia have been replaced one at a ...

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: any of a class of organic compounds derived from ammonia by replacement of one, two, or three hydrogen atoms with alkyl groups—see primary amine, secondary amine ...

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amine [am´in, ah´mēn] an organic compound containing nitrogen. biogenic amine bioamine. sympathomimetic a's amines that mimic the actions of the sympathetic ...

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Amines. The amine concentration in the absorbent aqueous solution is an important parameter in the design and operation of an amine gas treating process.

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Chemistry of Amines 1. Nomenclature and Structure of Amines. In the IUPAC system of nomenclature, functional groups are normally designated in one of two ways.

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a·mine (ə-mēn′, ăm′ēn) n. Any of a group of organic compounds of nitrogen, such as ethylamine, C2H5NH2, that may be considered ammonia derivatives in which ...