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The Anglo-Normans were mainly Angles and Normans. A small number of Normans had earlier befriended future Anglo-Saxon King of England, Edward the Confessor, during ...

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Anglo-Norman, also known as Anglo-Norman French, is a variety of the langues d'oïl that was used in England and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere in the British Isles ...

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The Anglo-Norman kings of England continued to recognise the custom, and duly summoned and consulted their great council.

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Proper noun . Anglo-Norman. The Romance language spoken in England by the ruling classes after the Norman Conquest, or the form of this language used in English law ...

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Anglo-Norman literature, also called Norman-french Literature, orAnglo-french Literature, body of writings in the Old French language as used in medieval England.

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the beginnings of norman conquest and twenty years of english resistance 1066 ad: the consequences of english defeat at hastings on october 14 1066 the last native ...

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Template:Multiple issues. Template:Infobox language. Anglo-Norman, also known as Anglo-Norman French or Anglo-French, is a variety of the langues d'oïl that was used ...

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Several caveats should be voiced before we scrutinize Glowka's glossing of the sailing lexicon of Anglo-Norman French.

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An·glo-Nor·man (ăng′glō-nôr′mən) n. 1. One of the Normans who lived in England after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 or a descendant of these settlers.