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Anisotropy / ˌ æ n aɪ ˈ s ɒ t r ə p i / is the property of being directionally dependent, as opposed to isotropy, which implies identical properties in all ...

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The diurnal curve of movement should now show an inversion, if that movement was solely determined by the anisotropy of the organ.

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0 has a new Anisotropic Inversion tool for analyzing anisotropy for effective well design and optimum production.

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What is seismic anisotropy? A material is said to be anisotropic if the value of a vector measurement of a rock property varies with direction. Anisotropy differs ...

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Anisotropy and Isotropy. In a single crystal, the physical and mechanical properties often differ with orientation. It can be seen from looking at our models of ...

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Anisotropy is a term used in various scientific disciplines to indicate that certain properties of matter (such as a material or radiation) vary with the direction ...

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Anisotropy, in physics, the quality of exhibiting properties with different values when measured along axes in different directions. Anisotropy is most easily ...

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: exhibiting properties with different values when measured in different directions : not isotropic <an anisotropic crystal>

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Generally, we observe that the coarsening and interpolation pattern follow the anisotropy when the choice of the discretization allows it.

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anisotropy[¦a‚nī′sä·trə·pē] (astronomy) The departure of the cosmic microwave radiation from equal intensity in all directions. (botany) The property of a ...