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Anti-psychiatry is the view that psychiatric treatments are often more damaging than helpful to patients, and a movement opposing such treatments for almost two ...

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Articles stating arguments against psychiatry, psychotherapy, antidepressants, Prozac, neuroleptics, tranquilizers, ECT, shock treatment

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Antipsychiatry and psychiatry control the psychiatric agenda. This article shows the surprising commonalities as well as the differences.

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WHAT WAS ANTI-PSYCHIATRY? The anti-psychiatry movement has already been consigned to the history of psychiatry (Tantum 1991) despite the relatively recent first use ...


Anti-Psychiatry. John Huddleston "I know so many bad jokes. At least I didn’t invent them. Jimmy McKenzie was a bloody pest at the mental hospital because he went ...

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Anti-psychiatry considers psychiatry a coercive instrument of oppression. Sourced . Diagnosing people as mad has more to do with social control than therapy.

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Like alternative medicine quacks, anti-psychiatry exploits vulnerable people and by denying the existence of psychiatric conditions or dismissing them as harmless, ...

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Anti-psychiatry is the opposition to the current practices of psychiatry; this opposition may be based simply on criticism of the methods that psychiatry uses to ...