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Anti-clericalism refers to historical movements that oppose the clergy for reasons including their actual or alleged power and influence in all aspects of public and ...

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adjective 1. opposed to the influence and activities of the clergy or the church in secular or public affairs.

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Anticlericalism, in Roman Catholicism, opposition to the clergy for its real or alleged influence in political and social affairs, for its doctrinairism, for its ...

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Possibly because of his anticlericalism, he was able, despite his emigre status, to publish some of his poetry in communist Poland.

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Anti-clericalism. Anticlericalism and Freemasonry; Caesaropapism; Clericalism. Clerical fascism; Confessionalism; Divine rule; Engaged Spirituality; Feminist theology

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Define anticlerical: opposed to clericalism or to the interference or influence of the clergy in secular affairs—usage, synonyms, more. Follow: GAMES; WORD OF THE DAY;

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Anti-clericalism is not the same as anti-Christian movements. Most Roman emperors tried to stamp out Christianity from the death of Christ under Tiberius until ...

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Anti-clericalism is a historical movement that opposes religious institutional power and influence in public and political life. In its more extreme manifestations ...

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The anticlerical press of Paris was insisting that the cardinal's stay in the French capital was ... anticlerical; anticlericalism; anticlimactic; anticlimactically ...

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Anti-clericalism is defined as a historical or contemporary movement that is opposed to the power and influence of religious institutions in secular, civil affairs.