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The Archean Eon (/ ɑːr ˈ k iː ə n /, also spelled Archaean) is a geologic eon, following the Hadean Eon and preceding the Proterozoic Eon. During the Archean ...

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Online exhibits: Geologic time scale. The Archean Eon and the Hadean. The Archean eon, which preceded the Proterozoic eon, spanned about 1.5 billion years and is ...

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Earth's mantle temperatures during the Archean eon, which commenced some 4 billion years ago, were significantly higher than they are today.

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The Archean (or Archaean) eon is an interval of geologic time of about 1.4 billion years, beginning with the formation of Earth's crust and the oldest Earth rocks ...

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Archean Eon, also spelled Archaean Eon, the earlier of the two divisions of Precambrian time (about 4.6 billion to 541 million years ago). The Archean Eon began about ...

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The term Archean means “ancient” and was originally used to refer to the oldest known rocks. Rocks of Archean age contain the earliest fossils of life on Earth.

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The Archean is the name of the age which began with the forming Earth. This period of Earth's history lasted a long time, 2.8 billion years!

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Archaean definition, Archean. See more.; Word of the Day; ... Rocks from the earliest part of the Archean are predominantly volcanic and are similar to ...

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With the passing of the Archean, the earth had not yet settled into the perfectly balanced sphere which Nature destined it to be.