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Æthelstan or Athelstan (Old English: Æþelstan, Æðelstān, meaning "noble stone"; c. 894 – 27 October 939) was King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924 to 927 and King ...

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Athelstan, also spelled Aethelstan or Ethelstan (died October 27, 939), first West Saxon king to have effective rule over the whole of England.

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Athelstan (r. 924-39) is one of the most interesting although lesser known of the late Anglo-Saxon kings of England. He was more than any other tenth-century king ...

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Athelstan was a young Anglo-Saxon, once a Christian monk taken by Ragnar Lothbrok and his fellow Vikings from his monastery. Athelstan is brought to live in Viking ...

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Athelstan was the first king of all England, and Alfred the Great's grandson. He reigned between 925 and 939 AD. A distinguished and courageous soldier, he pushed the ...

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Athelstan or Æthelstan, (893/4–27 October 939), called the Glorious, was the first King of England. He reigned from 924 to 939. He was the son of King Edward the Elder

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Æthelstan (c.893 - 939) - Genealogy -Æthelstan-the-Glorious-1st-King-of-the-English... Athelstan or Æthelstan (Old English: Æþelstan, Æðelstān) (c. 895 – 27 October 939), called the Glorious ...