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Augustus (Latin: Imperātor Caesar Dīvī Fīlius Augustus; [note 1] [note 2] 23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD) was the founder of the Roman Empire and its ...

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Discover how Emperor Augustus brought peace and stability to Rome after Julius Caesar was assassinated.

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Augustus, also called Augustus Caesar or (until 27 bce) Octavian, original name Gaius Octavius, adopted name Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (born Sept. 23, 63 bce ...

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The future emperor Augustus was born into an equestrian family as Gaius Octavius at Rome on 23 September 63 BC. His father, Gaius Octavius, was the first in the ...

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Caesar Augustus, or Octavian, became the first Roman emperor after Julius Caesar was killed. Learn more at

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Comprehensive biography of Augustus' life and reforms during the Principate. Bibliography and footnotes.

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Earliest usage. Some thirty years before its first association with Caesar's heir, Augustus was an obscure honorific with religious associations.

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Augustus Caesar of Rome was born with the given name Gaius Octavius on September 23, 63 B.C. He took the name Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (Octavian) in 44 B.C ...

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Adopted by Caesar, Augustus (c.62 BC – 14 AD / Reigned 31 BC – 14 AD) had to fight for his throne. His long rule saw a huge expansion in the Roman Empire and the ...