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Barding (also spelled bard or barb) is armour for horses. During the late Middle Ages as armour protection for knights became more effective, their mounts became targets.

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The horses are not provided with any defensive armour; the custom of barding chargers not being introduced till a much later date.

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Definition: Barding is a technique for cooking meats where the meat is wrapped in a layer of fat before cooking it. Pork fatback is commonly used for barding ...

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Barding cooking information, facts and recipes. A method of placing fat, such as bacon or fatback, around lean meats or fowl that are to be roasted so they will ...

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Barding is the cooking technique of wrapping meat in strips of fat while it cooks. Used to keep meat moist, barding also imparts...

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Lardon, also called lardoon, larding needle or larding, is a small strip or cube of pork fat (usually subcutaneous fat) used in a wide variety of cuisines to flavor ...

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bard 1 (bärd) n. 1. One of an ancient Celtic order of minstrel poets who composed and recited verses celebrating the legendary exploits of chieftains and heroes. 2 ...

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In the culinary arts, the word larding refers to a technique for threading strips of pork fat called lardoons into a roast of meat before cooking it.

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Jefferson City lawyer James D. “Doug” Barding, 63, will spend one month in federal prison for his role in two marriage fraud cases.

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