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Likely of Balkan origin, [1] Basiliscus was the brother of Aelia Verina, wife of Leo I. It has been argued that Basiliscus was uncle to the chieftain of the Heruli ...

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Basiliscus is a genus of large corytophanid lizards, commonly known as basilisks, which are endemic to southern Mexico, Central America, and northern South America.

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Read about Basiliscus basiliscus (Common Basilisk) on the Animal Diversity Web.

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Basiliscus was the brother of Aelia Verina and hence emperor Leo's brother-in-law. In about AD 464 he became 'Master of Soldiers' in Thrace where he on several ...

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Higher Taxa: Corytophanidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) Subspecies: Basiliscus basiliscus basiliscus (LINNAEUS 1758) Basiliscus basiliscus barbouri RUTHVEN 1914

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Basiliscus, (died 477), usurping Eastern Roman emperor from 475 to 476. He was the brother of Verina, wife of the Eastern emperor Leo I (ruled 457–474).

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Basiliscus , d. c.477, usurper at Constantinople . He was responsible for the failure of the expedition sent against the Vandals by his

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The Basiliscus plumifrons is with 16-18 months sexually mature. In captivity, due to good nourishment they can mature some months earlier. They can breed during the ...

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Basiliscus (Laitin: Flavius Basiliscus Augustus; Greek: Βασιλίσκος) (d. 476/477) wis Byzantine Emperor frae 475 tae 476.

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Deutsch: Basilisken English: Basilisk lizard, Jesus Christ lizard italiano: Basilisco 日本語: バシリスク属 polski: bazyliszki ไทย ...