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A beel (Bengali: বিল) is a term for billabong or a lake-like wetland with static water (as opposed to moving water in rivers and canals - typically called ...

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Louis Joseph Maria Beel (April 12, 1902 – February 11, 1977) was a Dutch politician of the defunct Catholic People's Party (KVP) now merged into the Christian ...

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Acronym Definition; BEEL: Belgian Equestrian Endurance League: BEEL: Best Estimate of Expected Loss (finance) BEEL: Biological Equivalent Exposure Limit: BEEL

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Beel Technologies designs and manufactures specialized custom-built equipment for Air Traffic Control and Industrial customers worldwide.

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Beel is the lobby receptionist for the Building prior to its destruction in Sonichu #10. He is a red humanoid with devil horns and wings.

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At Beel Photography our goal is to make YOU look YOUR best! Taking the time to plan your photography session pays off with the best images and Marianne Beel is ...

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Baby Beel sits beside Oga. Oga and Baby Beel meet Furuichi in the school hallways of Saint Ishiyama Academy, where they ask him to buy melon bread for them.

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Definition of BEEL – Our online dictionary has BEEL information from The Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations dictionary. English, psychology and ...

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Technical expertise, coupled with a knowledge of materials and artistic creativity are the ingredients of contemporary painting. With today's developments in creative ...

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The latest Tweets from Beel (@BoulderBill). Community organizer who dreams of living in a bee loud glade where peace comes dropping slow. Boulder, Colorado