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Beja (also called Bedawi, Bedauye, To Bedawie, Ta Bedawie, Hadareb, or by dialect names; Beja: Bidhaawyeet, Tu-Bdhaawi) is an Afroasiatic language spoken in the ...

Beja language | southern Egypt. Most Nubians speak Arabic as a second language. The same applies to the Beja, who inhabit the Red Sea Hills. Although they adopted Islam, these ...

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The Beja people (Arabic: البجا ‎) are an ethnic group inhabiting Sudan, as well as parts of Eritrea, Egypt, and the Sahara desert. They speak the Beja language ...

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Definitions of Beja language, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Beja language, analogical dictionary of Beja language (English)

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Bedauye . Beja, the language of the Beja people on the western shore of the Red Sea (southwestern Arab Republic of Egypt), northeastern Sudan, and northwestern Ethiopia.

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Beja language is available in 21 languages. Return to Beja language. Languages. العربية; brezhoneg; català; Deutsch; Esperanto; español; euskara; suomi

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Information about Beja, a Northern Cushitic language spoken in parts of Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea by about a million people.

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Beja Language Translation India: Beja is an Afro-Asiatic language of the southern coast of the Red Sea, spoken by about two million nomads, the Beja, in parts of ...

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Beja Language. One of the first writers to enrich the Beja language was Mohammed Adaroob Oohaj. He was the first to write his own language in a scientific way.