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noun, plural beneficiaries. 1. a person or group that receives benefits, profits, or advantages. 2. a person designated as the recipient of funds or other property ...

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BREAKING DOWN 'Beneficiary' Typically, any person or entity can be named as a beneficiary of a trust, will or life insurance policy and the one distributing the funds ...

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ben·e·fi·ci·ar·y (bĕn′ə-fĭsh′ē-ĕr′ē, -fĭsh′ə-rē) n. pl. ben·e·fi·ci·ar·ies. 1. One that receives a benefit: I am the beneficiary of your ...

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A beneficiary (also, in trust law, cestui que use) in the broadest sense is a natural person or other legal entity who receives money or other benefits from a benefactor.

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A beneficiary is the person or entity you name in a life insurance policy to receive the death benefit. You can name: One person Two or more people The trustee of a ...

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A beneficiary is someone who has been named to receive a specific benefit upon certain conditions. The most recognizable beneficiary is someone who’s been named to ...

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In trust law, a beneficiary or cestui que use, a.k.a. cestui que trust, is the person or persons who are entitled to the benefit of any trust arrangement.

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Beneficiary. An organization or a person for whom a trust is created and who thereby receives the benefits of the trust. One who inherits under a will.

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A beneficiary often receives these benefits as part of an inheritance, or as the recipient of a cash payment from a life insurance policy.