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The Berlin Method of biological filtration is a method for maintaining a clean and stable environment within a saltwater aquarium, typically a coral reef system.

Berlin Method

Photos of a 90 gallon tank set up using the Berlin Method.

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The Berlin aquarium filtering method has been used to keep marine and reef aquariums since 1970. It is defined by live rock, good water flow, surface skimming ... - berlin method overview

Berlin Method Overview Parts Sourced from The Reef Aquarium, Volume 1, J. Charles Delbeek and Julian Sprung The modern "Berlin method" of aquarium keeping began with ...

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Sponsored by: Click here to learn more. Berlin Method Reef Aquarium The Berlin Method reef aqaurium is easier than you may think. By Scott W. Michael

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An overview of a unique method developed in the 1970′s as an alternative way of reef keeping. Peter Wilkens and the Berlin Aquarium Club developed the Berlin method ...

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É possível avaliar quando o vídeo for alugado. Protein Skimmer and Live rock with a 4 inch sand bed

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According to Delbeek and Sprung (Reef Aquarium vol. 3) the berlin method originally used a shallow bed of crushed coral. It only become barebottom because of ...

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Berlin Method is available in 2 languages. Return to Berlin Method. Languages. Deutsch; 日本語

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EcoSystem Method vs Berlin Method In the Fall of 2001, Tom Frakes, published his experiment comparing two reef aquariums side by side. In this Seascope article one ...