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Birefringence is the optical property of a material having a refractive index that depends on the polarization and propagation direction of light. [1]

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International Scientific Vocabulary 1 bi-+ refringent refracting, from Latin refringent-, refringens, present participle of refringere to break up — more at refract

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Birefringence is defined as double refraction of light in a transparent, molecularly ordered material that is caused by the existence of orientation-dependent ...

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Birefringent Materials. Crystalline materials may have different indices of refraction associated with different crystallographic directions. A common situation with ...

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It should be noted that the study (57) has not considered the packing and cooling stages of the ICM in the development of the flow birefringence and also the ...

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Examples from the Web for birefringence Expand Historical Examples The difference between the two indices is a measure of the strength of the double refraction or ...

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The birefringence of a material is characterized by the difference, Dn, in the indices of refraction for the ordinary and extraordinary rays.

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Crystals possessing birefringence include hexagonal (such as calcite), tetragonal, and trigonal crystal classes exhibit birefringence, and are known as uniaxial.

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Encyclopedia article on birefringence, double refraction ... In the literature, the term birefringence occurs with two different meanings.

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Optical Birefringence. Many transparent solids, such as glass, are optically isotropic, which means that their index of refraction is equal in all directions ...