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Bitumen of Judea, or Syrian asphalt, [1] is a naturally occurring asphalt that has been put to many uses since ancient times. [vague] It is now best known [by whom ...

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Antique Sheen Pigment The bitumen of Judea is used for coloring wood. It can be used to color natural oils, glazes, waxes and oil based varnishes. The bitumen of ...

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Animation demonstrating the creation of the First Photograph, ... Niépce discovered that he produced his best results while using a solution of bitumen of Judea, ...

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This article is a start, but mostly lacks any info regarding bitumen of judea; it is almost entirely devoted to niepce, rather than the substance. bitumen of judea ...

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Bitumen of Judea is available in 1 language. Return to Bitumen of Judea. Languages. polski

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Definition of BITUMEN OF JUDEA: Natural asphalt with photoresist properties. It is a light-sensitive material capable of producing durable light-fast results.

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Asphaltum (Carabe, Bitumen of Judea) This incense ingredient is the dried form of a tar that bubbles up through the ground and hardens.

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Bitumen of Judea is a vegetal pigment available online for all canada. Free shipping with 90$ buying

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The Bitumen of Judea is used for the coloration of wood. The Bitumen of Judea can be used for the coloration of natural oils, waxes, oil based varnishes and glazes.

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