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The blastula (from Greek βλαστός (blastos), meaning "sprout") is a hollow sphere of cells, referred to as blastomeres, surrounding an inner fluid-filled cavity ...

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blastula [(blas-chuh-luh)] The stage of an embryo that consists of just over a hundred cells — a stage reached about one week after fertilization.

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Blastula, hollow sphere of cells, or blastomeres, produced during the development of an embryo by repeated cleavage of a fertilized egg. The cells of the blastula ...

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Learn more about cleavage, the blastula stage, and gastrulation in the Boundless open textbook.

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blastula [blas´tu-lah] (pl. blas´tulae) (L.) the usually spherical body produced by cleavage of a fertilized ovum (zygote), consisting of a single layer of cells ...

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Cleavage - Blastula Structure. The blastula is a hollow ball of cells organized into an epithelial monolayer. Midway through the blastula stage, the embryo secretes ...

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Gastrulation is a phase early in the embryonic development of most animals, during which the single-layered blastula is reorganized into a trilaminar ("three-layered ...

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blas·tu·la (blăs′chə-lə) n. pl. blas·tu·las or blas·tu·lae (-lē′) An early embryonic form produced by cleavage of a fertilized ovum and consisting of a ...