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What's CAS CAS Registry Numbers are unique numerical identifiers assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service to every chemical described in the open scientific ...

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A CAS Registry Number, [1] also referred to as CASRN or CAS Number, is a unique numerical identifier assigned by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to every chemical ...


CAS REGISTRY and CAS Registry Number FAQs What is CAS REGISTRY SM? ... How can I obtain or request assignment of a CAS Registry Number?

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Index of Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers (CAS No.) CAS No. CHEMICAL NAME; 50-00-0: Formaldehyde: 50-29-3: DDT: 50-78-2: Acetylsalicylic acid: 53-96-3:


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CAS REGISTRY SM contains more than 106 million unique organic and inorganic chemical substances, such as alloys, coordination compounds, minerals, mixtures, polymers ...

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A CAS Registry number is a special number that is given to each chemical compound, substance and alloy. About 50,000 numbers are added every week.

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Common Chemistry is helpful to non-chemists who know either a name or CAS Registry Number ... While not a comprehensive CAS Registry Number lookup service, ...

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CAS registry number. 0 references. instance of. Wikidata property for authority control for substances. 0 references. Wikidata property example. Diclofenac.