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Carl Friedrich Gauss was born on 30 April 1777 in Brunswick (Braunschweig), in the Duchy of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (now part of Lower Saxony, Germany), as the son of ...

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Carl Friedrich Gauss, original name Johann Friedrich Carl Gauss (born April 30, 1777, Brunswick [Germany]—died February 23, 1855, Göttingen, Hanover), German ...

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Johann Friedrich Carl Gauss, more commonly known as Carl Friedrich Gauss, was a German mathematician, widely known as one of the greatest mathematicians in

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Carl Friedrich Gauss: 1777-1855. Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) is considered to be the greatest German mathematician of the nineteenth century.

Carl Friedrich Gauss - examines Carl Friedrich Gauss, the German mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who contributed the fundamental theorem of algebra.

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for analytic functions, but did not publish it. Gauss solved the general problem of making a conformal map of one surface onto another. Unfortunately for mathematics ...

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At the age of seven, Carl Friedrich Gauss started elementary school, and his potential was noticed almost immediately. His teacher, Büttner, and his assistant ...

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Quotations about some of the work of Gauss from a book about Prime Numbers by Marcus du Sautoy, professor of mathematics at Oxford University

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Gauss, Carl Friedrich , born Johann Friederich Carl Gauss, 1777–1855, German mathematician, physicist, and astronomer. Gauss was educated