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The Catacomb culture (ca. 2800–2200 BC) is a group of related cultures in the early Bronze Age occupying essentially what is present-day Ukraine.

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The Yamna culture is identified with the late Proto-Indo-Europeans, ... In its western range, it is succeeded by the Catacomb culture; in the east, ...

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Catacomb Culture. 1,696 likes · 20 talking about this. Catacomb Culture : Bone Decor

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Distribution map and analysis of ancient mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosomal DNA samples from the Catacomb culture.

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Catacomb Culture an archaeological culture of the early Bronze Age widespread in the first half and third quarter of the second millennium B.C. in the area north of ...

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Encyclopædia Britannica Online, s. v. "Catacomb culture", accessed January 17, 2016,

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Wagon burials continued in the Catacomb region for exceptional people. In the Ingul valley, west of the Dnieper, as well as in the steppes north of the ...

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