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Cedar-Isles-Dean is a neighborhood in the Calhoun-Isles community in Minneapolis. Its boundaries are the Kenilworth Lagoon and Lake of the Isles to the north and east

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Hennepin County, Minnesota; dbpprop:county: Hennepin County; dbpprop:densityKm: 774 (xsd:integer) ... Cedar-Isles-Dean,_Minneapolis; dbpedia:Lind-Bohanon,_Minneapolis;

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This is a List of counties in Minnesota. ... Cedar-Isles-Dean,_Minneapolis; dbr:Lind-Bohanon,_Minneapolis; ... Cedar_Mills,_Minnesota;


Minneapolis (/?m?ni?æp?l?s/), officially the City of Minneapolis, ... Cedar-Isles-Dean,_Minneapolis; dbr:Bottineau,_Minneapolis; dbr:Seward,_Minneapolis;