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Celtiberian or Northeastern Hispano-Celtic is an extinct Indo-European language of the Celtic branch spoken by the Celtiberians in an area of the Iberian Peninsula ...

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Information about Celtiberian, a Celtic language once spoken on Iberian peninsula and written with it's own alphabet

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The Celtiberian language is in a sense a relatively recent discovery. The Celtiberian script was deciphered by Gómez-Moreno in 1922 (see Gómez-Moreno 1922), and it ...

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The study of the Celtiberians demands an inter-disciplinary approach based on data obtained from linguistic, archaeological, and documentary sources.

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The Celtiberians were Celtic-speaking people of the Iberian Peninsula in the final centuries BC. These tribes spoke the Celtiberian language. [1] [2] Extant tribal ...

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Celtiberian language is available in 29 languages. Return to Celtiberian language. Languages. Afrikaans; aragonés; Boarisch; brezhoneg; català; Cymraeg; Deutsch

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Alternative Name: Celtiberian. Overview. Hispano-Celtic was a continental Celtic language spoken in northern Spain in the last centuries BCE. Sometimes, a distinction ...