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Chancellery is the office of the chancellor, sometimes also referred to as the chancery. Both of those words have other meanings as well. Chancellery can specifically ...

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The prime minister will speak at the State Chancellery this afternoon. greeted by members of the chancellery

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The Reich Chancellery (German: Reichskanzlei) was the traditional name of the office of the Chancellor of Germany (then called Reichskanzler) in the period of the ...

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So, partly out of curiosity and partly out of sympathy, I called at the chancellery.

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chan·cel·ler·y or chan·cel·lor·y (chăn′sə-lə-rē, -slə-rē) n. pl. chan·cel·ler·ies or chan·cel·lor·ies 1. The rank or position of a chancellor. 2 ... | chancellery | Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch

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noun, plural chanceries. 1. the office or department of a chancellor; chancellery. 2. an office of public records, especially those of the Lord Chancellor in England ...

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Define chancery. chancery synonyms, ... [1325–75; Middle English chancerie, variant of chancelrie, syncopated variant of chancellerie chancellery] chancery.

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Middle English chancerie, alteration of chancelerie chancellery, from Anglo-French, from chanceler. First Known Use: 14th century