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Charles the Bald (13 June 823 – 6 October 877) was the King of West Francia (843–77), King of Italy (875–77) and Holy Roman Emperor (875–77, as Charles II).

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Rogier van der Weyden painted Charles the Bold as a young man in about 1460, wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece

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Charles the Bald was king of the West Frankish kingdom and, later, Western Emperor.

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Charles II, byname Charles the Bald, French Charles le Chauve, German Karl der Kahle (born June 13, 823—died Oct. 6, 877, Brides-les-Bain, France), king of France ...

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Charles the Bald (13 June 823 - 6 October 877) was King Charles II of France (843-877) and also Charles II of the Holy Roman Empire (875-877) and King of West Francia ...

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Charles the Bald Charles the Bald (Charles I of France and Holy Roman Emperor Charles II) (823-877), Roman emperor and king of the West Franks, was the son of the ... "Charles the Bald": Books,k...

Excerpt Page 32: ... from the Bible of Charles the Bald. Plate 34 1. Papal tiara, with two ... See a random page in this book.

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Charles the Bald. AKA Charles. Born: 13-Jun-823 AD Died: 5-Oct-877 AD Location of death: Mont Cenis, Savoy, France Cause of death: Illness. Gender: Male Race or ...

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Charles the Bald Carolingian, King of Aquitaine, King of Italy, King of Western Francia, Holy...

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Charles the Bald in auld age; pictur frae his Psalter. Keeng o the Franks; Reign: 840–877: Predecessor: Louis I: Haly Roman Emperor; Reign