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Kiga language. Kiga; Chiga: Rukiga: Native to: Uganda, Rwanda: Ethnicity: Kiga, Twa: Native speakers. 1.6 million (2002 census) [1] Language family. Niger–Congo ...

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Chiga language. Chiga language ek bhasa hae. ...

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OLAC Language Resource Catalog Navigation Aids. Skip to Main Content; ... Subject language: Chiga: Language family: Atlantic-Congo: Language family: Bantu:

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Chiga Chiga Chiga is the language of the Chiga (also spelled Kyiga) people of Uganda. The language is linked to the general Bantu from Central Africa.

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Kiga is the native language of the people of Kiga people. Kiga is a very similar language to the Nkore language. It was first written in the second half of the ...

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Chiga language topics and discussion: Chiga speakers in the Phrasebase community Extinct: no Family: Niger-Congo Branch: Bantu Continent: Africa

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OLAC resources in and about the Chiga language: ... Use faceted search to explore resources for Chiga language. ... Other resources about the language.

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This graph shows the place of Chiga within the cloud of all living languages. Each language in the world is represented by a small dot that is placed on the grid in ...

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