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Child marriage is a formal marriage or informal union entered into by an individual before reaching the age of 18. [1] [2] The legally prescribed marriageable age in ...

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Is child marriage a blessing or a children human rights issue? You decide! This is the central theme of this film. UNICEF has Labeled children right voilation and ...

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Photographer Stephanie Sinclair discusses covering child marriage, which could affect more than 14 million girls each year by 2020.

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Nevertheless, child marriage is common in many parts opf the world, claiming millions of victims annually--and hundreds of thousands of injuries or death ...

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Child marriage most often occurs in poor, rural communities. In many regions, parents arrange their daughter’s marriage unbeknownst to the girl.

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About Child Marriage Every year 15 million girls are married as children, denied their rights to health, education and opportunity, and robbed of their childhood.

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Too Young to Wed: The bride may be 14, 10, 5. The practice of child marriage is illegal—yet still thrives.

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Child marriages: 39 000 every day More than 140 million girls will marry between 2011 and 2020

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Child marriage remains widespread in developing countries, disproportionately affecting girls and endangering their lives and livelihoods. Rooted in cultural ...

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Here is an overview of the problem of child brides and solutions to the issue of early, child marriages. Food; ... Saying No to Child Marriage