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In computing, Chinese character encodings can be used to represent text written in the CJK languages — Chinese, Japanese, Korean — and (rarely) obsolete ...

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I have a use case where i am submitting parameters to spring controller through post request. In the controller, i am reading parameters and performing some actions.

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Chinese character encoding is available in 4 languages. Return to Chinese character encoding. Languages. Deutsch; español; français; 中文

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Character Encoding in the .NET Framework

A character encoding for computers pairs each character in a supported character set with a numeric value that represents that character.

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The conversion you are doing makes no sense for me. You take a valid string. Decode it into bytes. Then encode the bytes with a totally different encoding.

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GB18030 is a separate standard used in the People's Republic of China for encoding Chinese characters. In GB18030, characters can be 1, 2, or 4 bytes.

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Chinese characters are logograms used in the writing of Chinese and some other Asian languages. In Standard Chinese they are called Hanzi (simplified Chinese: 汉字; ...

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Describes the rationale for using UTF-8, the ramifications otherwise, and how to make the switch.

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