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Chlorastrolite also known as Isle Royale Greenstone, is a green or bluish green stone. [1] Chlorastrolite has finely radiated or stellate masses that have a ...

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CHLORASTROLITE ( Fr - chlorastrolite; Ger - Chlorastrolith; Nor - klorastrolitt; Rus - ) CHLORASTROLITE, (Compact, massive variety of pumpellyite -- Ca 2 (Mg,Fe)Al 2 ...

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Chatoyant and generally exhibits a distinctive and attractive mosaic or segmented pattern, sometimes referred to as 'turtleback'. State gemstone of Michigan.

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Define chlorastrolite: a mineral like prehnite that occurs as green pebbles of a stellate structure and is found near Lake Superior—usage, synonyms, more.

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FACT #1. The Michigan State Gem is commonly called "Greenstone" or "Isle Royale Greenstone". The correct mineral name is Chlorastrolite, which is a variety of ... :: Chlorastrolite

Chlorastrolite is named from the Greek words meaning green star stone. Pumpellyite-(Mg) is named for Raphael Pumpelly ...

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When we went on our road trip to Tucson via Florida last October, I, of course, took our jewelry. I took also a few hundred Chlorastrolite Greenstone Cabochons.

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Michigan designated Isle Royale greenstone (chlorastrolite) as the official state gem in 1973; also called green starstone or turtle back in Michigan.


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