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Christian democracy is a political ideology which emerged in nineteenth-century Europe under the influence of conservatism and Catholic social teaching.

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Christian Democracy (Italian: Democrazia Cristiana, DC) was a Christian democratic [8] [9] political party in Italy. The DC was founded in 1943 as the ideological ...

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Christian Democracy is dedicated to St. Joseph the Worker. The icon of St. Joseph the Worker is by Daniel Nichols.

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Christian democracy, political movement that has a close association with Roman Catholicism and its philosophy of social and economic justice. It incorporates both ...

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ANRV412-PL13-10 ARI 6 April 2010 16:44 THE ORIGINS OF CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACY Contemporary Christian democratic parties evolved from Catholic2 confessional parties


Article representing Christian democracy as the ensemble of Catholic doctrine, organization, and action in the field of popular social questions

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CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACY. Apostolic Letter Graves de Communi, January IS^ 1901. The grave discussions on economical questions which for some time past have ...

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Christians Associated for Democracy published the first issue of its English-Hungarian language journal, Principium, this January. To learn more about the issue, or ...

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Christian Democracy (Greek: Χριστιανική Δημοκρατία, Christianiki Dimokratia) is a Greek political party founded on May 12, 1953.

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Christian Democracy. 418 likes · 5 talking about this. Analysis of contemporary affairs in light of Catholic Social Teaching.