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Chūichi Nagumo (南雲 忠一, Nagumo Chūichi?, March 25, 1887 – July 6, 1944) was a Japanese admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II and ...

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Contributor: C. Peter Chen. Chuichi Nagumo was born in Yamagato, Japan in 1887. He joined the Japanese Navy in 1908, and by 1917 he was at the helm of his first ...

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Chuichi Nagumo. Jonathan Parshall: Every IJN fan's favorite whipping-boy admiral, and hey, why should I be any different? Gruff, conservative, not overly-imaginative ...

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Chuichi Nagumo (25 March 1887 – 6 July 1944) was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II, overseeing the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Chuichi Nagumo played an important role in the attack on Pearl Harbor. His decisions helped to change the course of history. Learn more about him and other Pearl

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WW2DB: Chuichi Nagumo; Breaching the Marianas: The Battle for Saipan (Marines in World War II Commemorative Series) Nishida, Hiroshi. "Materials of IJN: Nagumo, Chuichi".

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Birth: 1887: Death: Jul. 6, 1944: Naval Admiral. Nagumo served as the commander of the Imperial Navy's aircraft carrier strike force during th early stages of the ...

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Chūichi Nagumo (南雲 忠一, Nagumo Chūichi?, Mairch 25, 1887 – Julie 6, 1944) wis a Japanese admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy durin Warld War II an ane ...

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Chuichi Nagumo (1887-1944) commanded the Japanese aircraft carrier striking force during the early stages of the Second World War. He lead this force in the raid on ...