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CIRCLE OF CONFUSION is the New York and L.A.-based management and production entity responsible for representation of the industry's top writing and directing talents ...

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In optics, a circle of confusion is an optical spot caused by a cone of light rays from a lens not coming to a perfect focus when imaging a point source.

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Circles of Confusion for Digital Cameras. The values below were calculated using 0.030 mm as the reference circle of confusion (CoC) for 35mm format.

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What is the Circle of Confusion and why is it used in Depth of Field tables? This video offers a clear and simple visual explanation.

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Circle of Confusion - Filmography. Join IMDb Pro for more details!

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noun, Photography. 1. a circular spot on a film, resulting from the degree to which a pencil of light reflected from the field of view is focused in front of or ...

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This term usually brings up "circles of confusion" around people's eyes. But this does not need to be the case as it is actually rather simple.

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