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The origins of communism are debatable, and there are various historical groups, as well as theorists, whose beliefs have been subsequently described as communist.

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noun 1. (initial capital letter) a member of the Communist Party or movement. 2. an advocate of communism. 3. a person who is regarded as supporting politically ...

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Introduction to How Communism Works - Communism is a type of government that relies on collectivization of labor and good to equal out the classes. Learn about the ...

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Communist state is a term used by Western historians, political scientists, and media to refer to states that are governed by a single party adhering to some ...

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Joe called Bill a communist because Bill allowed all workers to use the executive toilet, kitchen, and dining area.

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Com·mu·nist (kŏm′yə-nĭst) n. 1. a. A member of a movement or political party that advocates Communism. b. A supporter of such a party or movement. 2. A ...

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Communism is an ideology in which society is classless and there is no private ownership. Unfortunately, many Communist states...

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Communism definition, ... (usually capital) a social order or system of government established by a ruling Communist Party, esp in the former Soviet Union . 5.

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Official website of the Communist Party USA, est. 1919.