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The Counts of Celje (German: Grafen von Cilli; Hungarian: cillei grófok, Slovene: Celjski grofje) or the Counts of Cilli were the most important late medieval noble ...

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The most outstanding among the counts of Celje, ... Media related to Herman II, Count of Celje at Wikimedia Commons; Regnal titles; Preceded by Hermann I & William:

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In the 13th century, while still under the reign of the Vovberk dynasty, Celje started to flourish again. In the next two centuries, it had a key role for the entire ...

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Is historical name "Counts of Cilli" instead of modern English name "Counts of Celje" really correct in this sense? The article already says further on: The family is ...

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The Counts of Cilli or Celje represent the most important medieval aristocratic and ruling house with roots and territory in present-day Slovenia.

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Counts of Celje is available in 12 languages. Return to Counts of Celje. Languages. bosanski; čeština; Deutsch; hrvatski; magyar; norsk bokmål; polski; português

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03.08.2011. Exhibiton The Count of Celje is on display in 1st and 2nd floor of Princely Palace in Celje. The Counts of Celje were one of the most influential noble ...

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Ulrich II, Count of Celje. This article needs additional citations for verification. ... With him died the male line of the Counts of Celje. [2]