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A biblical covenant is a religious covenant that is described in the Bible. All Abrahamic religions consider biblical covenants important. Of the covenants found in ...

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Covenant of Works. Covenant of Grace. God is the Creator and Lord. Established because of His love and benevolence. God is the Redeemer and Father.

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Covenant. The word "covenant, " infrequently heard in conversation, is quite commonly used in legal, social (marriage), and religious and theological contexts.

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Covenant (ברית / διαθηκη) The Greek word διαθηκη (diatheke), usually translated “covenant” in English versions of the Bible, is a legal term ...

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Five Great Bible Covenants by David Padfield. In form, a covenant is an agreement between two people and involves promises on the part of each to the other.

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What are the covenants in the Bible? How are covenants in the Bible related to premillennialism and amillennialism?

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A biblical covenant is an agreement found in the Bible "between God and his people in which God makes certain promises and requires certain behavior from his people ...

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Appendix 1: Human covenants. Jacob and Laban made a covenant with each other, spelling out the terms of their relationship (Genesis 31:44). David and Jonathan made a ...

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HOW TO USE THIS TABLE: This table on COVENANT is meant to be an overview for quick review of select aspects of various Biblical Covenants.

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There are several biblical covenants—agreements—between God and man. What do Christians need to know about the Old Covenant and the New Covenant?