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A creditor is a party (e.g. person, organization, company, or government) that has a claim on the services of a second party. It is a person or institution to whom ...

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BREAKING DOWN 'Creditor' When creditors are notified of bankruptcy proceedings, they have a couple of options with respect to their claim against the debtor:

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Both you and the creditor would have been better off with moderate inflation than an outright breach.

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debtor and creditor: an overview. Debtor-creditor law governs situations where one party is unable to pay a monetary debt to another. There are three types of creditors.

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Creditor. An individual to whom an obligation is owed because he or she has given something of value in exchange. One who may legally demand and receive money, either ...

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Definition: Creditor is an expression used in accounting to specify a party who has delivered a product, service or loan, and is owed money by debtors.

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His creditor was Wick Cutter, the merciless Black Hawk money-lender, a man of evil name throughout the county, of whom I shall have more to say later.

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Creditor Lender of money. Creditor A person or company to whom one owes money. A creditor may be a bank or another company. In the case of bonds and personal debt ...

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cred·i·tor (krĕd′ĭ-tər) n. One to whom money or its equivalent is owed. creditor (ˈkrɛdɪtə) n (Commerce) a person or commercial enterprise to whom money is ...