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Russia (de facto administration, except Ukrainian-controlled part of Arabat Spit). Federal district: Crimean Federal District: Federal subjects: Republic of Crimea

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Crimean War; Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe and the Russo-Turkish wars: Detail of Franz Roubaud's panoramic painting The Siege of Sevastopol (1904)

5 Things You Should Know About Putin's Incursion Into Crimea

Putin’s latest moves in Crimea show that he is clearly a desperate man, willing to make a clear break with Ukraine and Europe, risk an acceleration of ...

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The Republic of Crimea, officially part of Ukraine, lies on a peninsula stretching out from the south of Ukraine between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

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Crimea is a beautiful region on the Black Sea that has long entranced visitors. The Crimean Peninsula is connected to mainland Ukraine by two narrow necks of land ...

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Crimea, Ukrainian Krym, also spelled Krim, autonomous republic, southern Ukraine. The republic is coterminous with the Crimean Peninsula, lying between the Black Sea ...

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The past is never past in Sevastopol. It waves from flagpoles and drapes the parade stand on patriotic holidays. It finds sanctuary in war monuments and is posted on ...

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The solution is to establish greater autonomy for Crimea within a Ukraine that belongs neither to Europe nor to Russia.

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Crimea is a centre of pro-Russian sentiment, which can spill into separatism. The region - a peninsula on Ukraine's Black Sea coast - has 2.3 million people, a ...