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The cubic metre (in British English and international spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) or cubic meter (in American English) is ...

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Define cubic meter. cubic meter synonyms, ... Noun 1. cubic meter - a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters cubic metre, kiloliter, ...

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cubic metre ‎(plural cubic metres) A unit of volume, symbol m 3, equal to that of a cube having sides each one metre in length. Translations .

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Cubic Meters conversion calculators, tables and formulas to automatically convert from other volume units.

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A litre is defined as a special name for a cubic decimetre or 10 centimetres × 10 centimetres × 10 centimetres, (1 L ≡ 1 dm 3 ≡ 1000 cm 3).

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The cubic metre (symbol m³) is the SI unit of volume. Since a "cube" is a shape formed by having the same length, breadth and height, a cubic metre refers to a unit ...

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Cubic Meters to Liters (m³ to L) conversion calculator for Volume conversions with additional tables and formulas.

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The cubic meter is the unit of volume in the International System of Units. The symbol for cubic meters is m 3. Less formally, cubic meter is sometimes abbreviated cu m.

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What is a Cubic Meter? 1 cubic meter is roughly a bit less than a space covering 3 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet or the equivalent of a small ...

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What Is a Cubic Meter?. The cubic meter is an important unit of the metric system, the standard of measurement for international trade.