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Aedile (Latin: Aedilis, from aedes, "temple building") was an office of the Roman Republic. Based in Rome, the aediles were responsible for maintenance of public ...

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Curule aedile Roman official. ... The curule aedile s, who were the magistrates responsible for the care and supervision of the markets, also issued edicts.

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ae·dile (ē′dīl′) n. An elected official of ancient Rome who was responsible for public works and games and who supervised markets, the grain supply, and the ...

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A curule seat is a design of chair noted for its uses in Ancient Rome and Europe through to the 20th century. Its uses in Rome as a symbol of political or military ...

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Aedile definition, one of a board of magistrates in charge of public buildings, streets, markets, games, etc. See more.; Word of the Day; Translate;

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Aedile: Roman magistrate, responsible for the Games and the maintenance of the temples. The original tasks of the two plebeian aediles are unclear.

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In the same year, Cneius Flavius, son of Cneius, grandson of a freed man, a notary, in low circumstances originally, but artful and eloquent, was appointed curule aedile.

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Examples: Each year four aediles were elected. There were 2 curule aediles and 2 plebeian aediles. Although a work of historical fiction, Benita Kane Jaro's 2002 book ...

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Aedile, Latin Aedilis, plural Aediles, (from Latin aedes, “temple”), magistrate of ancient Rome who originally had charge of the temple and cult of Ceres.


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