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Tecophilaeaceae is a family of flowering plants, placed in the order Asparagales of the monocots. [1] The family has only recently been recognized by taxonomists.

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Cyanastraceae – magnolijūnų (Magnoliophyta) augalų šeima. Sudaro 9 gentys ir 25 rūšys, paplitusios Afrikoje, Šiaurės ir Pietų Amerikoje.

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Family: Cyanastraceae Engl., nom. cons. Synonym of Tecophilaeaceae Leyb., nom. cons. Family number: 321 Last Updated: 21-Jan-2005: Alternate name: Number of ...

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Cyanastraceae . Each "thumbnail" image below is linked to a larger photograph. Cyanstrum cordifolium. Plant Family Access Page Home Page

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Cyanastraceae é uma família de plantas monocotiledóneas. Segundo Watson & Dallwitz, ela é composta por seis espécies pertencentes ao género Cyanastrum.

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Cyanastraceae Engl. Cyanellaceae Salisb. Walleriaceae H.Huber ex Takht. ... Tecophilaeaceae in The Orders and Families of Monocotyledons. Published on the internet.